Tazzari - electric cars

The ZERO electric car is a product of the Tazzari Group from Imola. The company started developing the electric car three years ago. The product exhibits characteristics of a city car with a sport influence and embodies the best of Italy. The ZERO is the first European mass produced electric car and is available for purchase right now. It has been available in the Slovenian market since March 2010.
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Tazzari Zero

The Zero electric car is a two-seater with little luggage space and unconventional dimensions. Even if isn't everyone's cup of tea, the Zero's design is most definitely an eye catcher. The electrical car (zero as in zero emissions) is powered by a 15 kW asynchronous motor, powered by the latest generation lithium battery. Driving economically yields a range of up to 140 km, while its maximum speed is 100 km/h (62 mph). The ZERO is a technologically advanced vehicle built with renewable materials.
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