Zongshen - electric scooters

Why would you use a ZONGSHEN ZPM350DTQ electric scooter?

  • no driving license or helmet required
  • you can drive it on cycle lanes
  • an electric scooter is easy to use and is very manoeuvrable
  • maintenance free
  • silent ride, non-interfering to the surroundings
  • an electric scooter doesn't consume a lot of energy, keeping the costs low and emissions practically non-existent
  • electric scooter increases your mobility within a city
  • the ZPM350DTQ electric scooter is designed for a single person
  • the scooter features an attractive and practical design
  • offering high quality at attractive prices

Electric scooter technology

350W brushless, developed specifically for use in a scooter.

If you run out of electric power, you can use the pedals to reach your destination or the first outlet.

12Ah 48V lead (lithium-ion optional).

Light, designed specifically for use in a scooter.
The ZPM350DTQ electric scooter has front and rear drum brakes.
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Zongshen ZPM350DTQ

The ZONGSHEN ZPM350DTQ electric scooter is the little guy of scooters with a 350W electric motor and is very agile and practical!
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