It is time for you to switch to electricity.

Pick your electric scooter or electric car and:

  • save on maintenance and mileage
  • take care of the environment
  • drive into the future.

Electric scooters starting at just 791.67 € excluding VAT


Electric cars starting at just 8,700.00 € excluding VAT

More and more people want to reduce the cost of driving for daily errands. You now have the perfect opportunity to this by getting an electric scooter. On offer in our products range are affordable, high quality scooters utilising German technology.   Technological advances and ever improving build quality coupled with the efficiency of electric vehicles represent an intriguing alternative to fossil fuels. Electric cars offer the range equal to an average person's daily needs on a single charge.
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Electric bike starting at just 890,35 € excluding VAT


Electrical energy can also help you when you are riding a bike.
Choose quality e-bike and make your journey easier!
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